Taxi FAQ

Taxi FAQ

Get answers to all your taxi queries.  FAQ is here to help you.

1) Why should I pay for limit? I want to pay for KM Driven.

As per our FAQ answer, -You need to pay for limit because all the vehicles have a minimum limit of 250 per day.

That is industry standard. You can utilize 250 km. Even if you drive just  10km still there is a minimum commitment of 250 for hiring the car. Total 250 is chargeable, Limit will have free waiting. The car will be there with you for the entire day.

Everything comes naap tol ke, Like newspaper add: if you give add

in paper you need to pay for full add no matter you put one word or all. If you take hotel room

you use for one hour for a full time there will be full charges, 1 Drinking water bottle, you drink one glass

when you buy bottle you need to pay for the entire bottle. Because that thing of a particular asset is on hold or not available in micro or mini meters.

3) I want to pay once I reach there?

Here is the answer from our FAQ section.

You need to make partial payments to the driver as the driver needs to buy fuel tolls and needs to manage other

transportation expenses as well. So partial payment is a must.

2) What is limit, I'll pay just for km running only.

You need to pay for limit because that is industry standard, The way we buy a food plate

We eat one bread or entire , Plate charges are applicable for entire plate. Its like if somebody is saying I

just need a car for 5km and I’ll pay 7*5 Rs 35. It goes with industry standard that is limit.

4) Which car model am I going to get?

Excellent and well maintained car model, All car models we have are in excellent condition and
well maintained because we have Our own workshop for Maintaince with automobile industry standards
by our workshop engineers/Mechanics. It’s going to be a avon car. All facilities in 95% cars. Eg : good tyres,
Sterios, mobile chargers. Ac etc

5) What model 14-15, I need latest one only

Well sir if you don’t’ want an excellent car condition and not well maintained one.

We’ll send the only model you are looking for, with the same year you are looking for, but there will be

specific charge as per model. Otherwise all are in Well maintained it could be even upto 2015 model or

latest as per year

6) I want to hire a cab for local including Pinjore, Parvanoo TTR and zoo

Local is counted in chandigarh only including Mohali and Panchkulla. Its considered as Tri city.
Above places are outstation ones As Pinjore garden is in Haryana, TTR is in Himachal. Zoo is in Punab.
There are extra charges for these states as per local govt. So there will be 200Km limit for small car for
outstation destinations as mentioned above

7) I want ac cab for Hills

Well ac is not required in hills, because it’s chilled weather around. It’s all lush green are. As in hills you
keep on travelling towards height the environment starts getting chiller and chiller.
However fully ac cars are also available with extra cost & full ac is available only in specific cars only.

8) I don't want to open the car glasses!

Here is the answer from our FAQ section.

No problem sir we’ll provide you a car with the same facility, In Hills fully ac cars
Are applicable to bigger ones only Eg. Innova, Xylo etc, no Indica etc.
It doubles the strain and small cars can’t handle it- Reason Hills, Curves, Pits and traffic jams in hills. That’s
why it could take up to 4 hours for just 100km

9) Give me discount on tour package so I book it today

We offer Drop dead rates, rock bottom ones. Let me tell you 200 per day is driver night
Out of it. Rs 1 Pkm are toll charges. Then state tax, Parking in some areas are hourly in hills Green tax etc.
However if you book it now we’ll Give you some discount. We have Great Discount on full payments.
If you pay entire tour amount you could get up to 2000 Discount. There are discounts on half payments as

10) Why I am not getting ac in hills?

Here is the answer from our Taxi FAQ section.


Well the car runs in hills in 1 and 2nd gear and if we put the ac on it brings the engine to
1st gear. Now you can imagine what will happen to engine if you run in 1 gear in hills for long time
You can take full ac car but only MUV/SUV

11) Will car show me local sight scenes in leh like Pangong lake and Nubra valley etc.

Yes all of them form our side without any extra charges, However if there will be any
Restrication from locals we’ can do any thing

12) Why should I pay for your car when on in use in leh?

Well sir its like a hotel , if you rent a room and then you lock it from outside . Do you pay for
It or not, You do! Because its of now use for hotel owner.

13) Toll and tax should be included in Pkm price

Its not inclused because toll is not fixed for all routes and if something is uncertain how can we
Apply it to all. Our car price is Bla Bla, Rest is extra as applicable.

14) Blab la location is just Blab la km!

Here is the answer from our Taxi FAQ section.


Kindly don’t compare Govt. bus travelling system with a private Taxi . Car charges are Garage to Garage
Car has to come back. No matter where you take drop. It’s up and down + Garage to Garage.

15) Its just Bla bla km, I should reach In blab la hours!

Here is the answer from our FAQ section.


Well its blab la km, but it takes extra time Because the time you are telling me is GPS calculated

Settalite based and satellite is not gonna tell you the road conditions. Like pits, Width of the Raod
Traffic etc, It just can give you hint only. It fluctuates and if you try it 5 different times
Its gonna come up different all the time.

16) I want to go to manikaran

Here is the answer from our Taxi FAQ section.

See manikarna is less visited plance as there is one temple/Gurudwara. So around 5% people
Travel this place. So we don’t include the price in package, however if you want to travel theplace
We can take you there but there will be extra charge road conditions are worest. Pits narrow road
Single one. Once a vehicle goes there all alignment balancing goes out.

17) I want to go to Rohtang pass as well

Here is the answer from our FAQ section.


Our FAQ guide answers for Rohtang pass, as Rohtang is prohibited by govt.  There is a quota system in Rohtang pass. That means you need to take permission from Govt. which is available only 48 hours ago of your journey starts. It will require car details as well. However, in peak season time you might not get the permission. AS there is only 400 Taxi allowed per day.   We'll take you there, There will extra charge for it including Govt fee.



18) Can you reduce the charges as Rohtang pass will be closed.

No as its coplementry from B$$ Car Rental. If Rohtang pas will be closed there will be no reduction
In charges.

19) What is non ac , ac price, can you reduce ac price.

No This is minimum price. There will be no further discount on ac if you want a non-Ac vehicle

20) What is non ac , ac price, in winter can you reduce ac price.

Here is the answer from our Taxi FAQ section.


No This is minimum price. There will be no further discount on ac if you want a non-
Ac vehicle, In winter Ac is not required. Same thing for hills. Ac is not required in hill,
Its all non ac for hills

21) Is there any Extra charge apart from per day lumpsum price

No, there will be no extra charges apart from lump sum. There is one thing that is driver
Food, if you want to buy it you can, however there is no extra charge for it and its not mandate

22) Do I need to pay anything to driver as well

No nothing at all. There is one thing that is driver

Food, if you want to buy it you can, however there is no extra charge for it and its not mandate

As per charges are concerned no charges. You wish to pay to tip to him its gonna be your choice

23) How driver is going to manage in tour?

Here is the answer from our FAQ section.

You don’t have to worry about him. He will manage on his own. Usually, there is free
Accommodation for drivers in hotels, if not available in certain hotels. Driver will manage himself

24) I am just hiring the cab in the night or leaving early last day

It Doesn’t matter you hire the cab early morning , in the noon or late night, Charges are applicable
For entire day. We need to hold the car for you (in care if its in the noon or evening) we can’t use the cab
After this time.

25) I need Ac cab in hills

Ac is not required in hills as its chilled weather because of lush green area, 2) the price quoted to you
Is for non ac in hills and full ac in planes. 3) Tata vehicles can’t afford the load of ac in hills. If you
Still want it we, recommend you to go with either a big car like innnova .

26) Where are you going to start the meter from?

Meter will be started from Garage to Garage. No matter where you take a drop or pick.

27) What if driver denies for any sight scene?

Driver won’t, deny, neither he will take to extra sight scenes. That’s’ why we say kindly email

Us your program detail. So whatever we are talking over the phone will be in written and moreover

Driver is employee. And employees are suppose to do what they are being asked by their supervisor.

28) Can I have a look on the car?

Well sir all the cars are in excellent condition, well maintained. We can whats app you the sample pics
People have been booking car from all over india eg Mumbai, Banglore, they don’t come to see the

29) Can you send me the driver detail ( so early)

Well sir , your cab has been reserved , We’ll send you confirmation message as well.
All the vehicles are dispatched in the late evening for next day duty between 8-9, We’ll send
You details. Don’t worry at all just rely on us!

30) I just want one way drop

This is one way charge for dropping. See you are hiring a cab which is specially gonna go for you
Its not like govt bus.

31) I am getting Bla bla car from bla bla vender on bla bla rate!

Here is the answer from our FAQ section.

Well,  it’s the rate that matters, it’s the quality, Like customer service, Vehicle conditions

And Driver standards, We have police verified drivers and GPS enabled vehicles.

32) Your car is not going to run, Its just Gonna stay there?

32) Your car is not going to run, Its just Gonna stay there?

33) Can I have Roof rack on small car

We’ are sorry to say, Roof rack is available only on big vans, Like Innova, Xylo etcs

34) What is bucket seat and sofa seat

Bucket seats are applicable for innova and xylo. Seats where you have space in between. Or in other words
You can say 2 seats inbetween.

35) Different seating arrangements in xylo , innova and Traveller

Faq answeres your query.

Innova and Xylo will have either 6+1 Carrying capacity or 7+1, Tavera will have 8+1, Tempo Traveller will have

36) How can I trust you for payment?

We’ll we are doing everthing in written and we are not asking you to make entire payment in one go
You just need to pay confirmation amount. That’s it.

37) Killometer and hours difference

See the the kilometers you are telling me and the time its gonna take its different that the actual one
The reason is the one which you are checking is GPS based or google based and Seatalite based thing won’t
tell you the actual pits and road conditions.

38) What is different about your driver

Reliable, Experiened , professional. Knowledgeable. Police verified for you safety and mostly diver cum guide.

Its gonna be our driver who is gonna show you hospitality

39) Can I have car details right now?

We’ll provide your car details once your program comes closer

40) What are the sight scenes in Shimla

All the sight scenes in local Shimla will be covere up. Shimla, The mall Road/Ridge, Kufri Etc

41) What are the sight scenes in Shimla manali Etc

Demo Content

42) What is state tax

Here is the answer from FAQ

Service taxi is an amount charged by all states all commercial vehicles. In certain union territory

It's zero. State tax in some state is per day and in some states its quarterly.

43) What is Toll Tax

Toll tax is the charge applied by different states on the road, which could be 10 to 200 anything.

Customer is suppose to pay it

44) When is driver night applicable

Driver night is applicable after 9pm in winter and after 10 in summer. Customer is suppose to pay it

45) What is driver night

Driver night is the the charge suppose to get it if taxi is used in the night , this is for night driving.

Its 200 Per night.

Am i charged driver night, toll parking extra in tours?

No there will be no extra charge for toll parking , nothing at all, not even driver night. Driver is food

Is your choice if you want to buy it however its not mandate.

47) What is delhi airport

Delhi airport is the airport in capital city delhi, There are domestic and international airports.

48) How to count number of days?

If you add 2 dates will be different counting and if you count 2 dates it will be different

49) Why to pay for return km if dorp is at different location from pick up.

See, Car are always available only for up down. For only drop its Govt busses not commercial private

Taxies. Customer has to come back to its city its going from, no matter where you take a drop off

50) I need 8/80 pkm for baddi , parvanoo and ambala

8/80 is applicable for chandigarh panchkulla and Mohali, the places like parvanoo, ambala, baddi
Etc are outstation , including pinjore.

51) Why are you charging up down for other locations apart from Delhi?

See, Car are always available only for up down. For only drop its Govt busses not commercial private

Taxies. Customer has to come back to its city its going from, no matter where you take a drop off

52) I am getting cheaper cab from other Vendor

Well if quality doesn’t matter you may get it from anywhere. Cheap rentals could back up , The one who owns

a fleet will never back off, If you really need

53) Indigo and Dzire/Etios are same so provide me Dzire/Etios

There is huge difference In both. First thing there is price, Dzire/Etios are expensive. So is there rates. If ca is
expensive its hiring rates remain up.
. Performance, safety , comfort, engine sound, Cabin space both are different in both of them so are the hiring
carges because hiring charges are decided on the basis of Car Charges.

54) I am getting cheaper taxi from Delhi!

Well Delhi car are not in excellent conditions. First thing these cars are scratchy beachsue of huge

Traffice jams, 2nd thing. We’ll send you a driver who has been driving the car in himalyan hills

Sinch birth and knows the place and roads inch by inch. So it’s the safety which matters not price. Few people

from plane cities are scared to drive the car in hills reason they have not done it more often.

56 I Need LCD/LED in the vehicle?

Having the LCD in a commercial vehicle is challan able. So you won't' find the LCD in any of commercial car, If you still find in any of the vehicles it could be they are trying to do some illicit work.