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Shimla to Chandigarh Dzire offer 1599/-

Swift Dzire from Shimla to Chandigarh RS 1599/- offer valid only for 26 February 2019. Call now if you need a cab from Shimla to Chandigarh for today with this offer.

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Longer you drive lesser the rates we provide you

You can get small RS 7Pkm, if it’s a drop and running is 500Km or over 500Km. Get a Innova RS 10Pkm again running should be either 500Km or over 500km ,

Must read Guidelines

1) Running shold be over 500km.
2) Toll parking remains extra as applicable.
3) Charges are garage to garage (up down charges).
4) If hiring in night driver charges Rs 200 Extra.

Actual Rates

Cars Planes Hills
Indica /Vista 7:50 8
Indigo 8 8:50
Dzire 8:50 9
Etios 9 9:50
Innova 11/12 12/13
Xylo 11/10 12/11
Tavera 11/12/10 12/13/11
Traveller 16/18 18/20

Per km Rates:----
• Indigo 7:50Pkm, Dzire/Etios 8PKm, Xylo 10, Innova 10Pkm, Traveller 16Pkm
• IN hills Pkm rate will go up by 1pkm, Traveller 2pkm
• Minimum Limit 250, Toll parking , Driver night and state tax extra as applicable., Garage to Garage T&C Apply.


Free Up Grade

Pay for Basic car & you could get free upgrade for Luxury car with no extra charges.

Hire any cab from us with Nominal charges and get a chance of getting a upgraded car with same cost.

For example you hired indigo for Manali drop, you could get Dzire/Etios even innova for maanli drop with same cost!


Actually what happens as tons of customers are traveling from one point to another. You hired a cab and that point of time that car is not avaialable being the number one transport company we’ll not send you downgrade, We send you upgraded one.


Book a return taxi and get a discount up to 1000/-

If you book a taxi with us we ensure you a great service! Alog with this we provide you discount up to 500 or even more depends on the service you avai.l

If you book a taxi for any destination , It should be only drop and you want to come back, however it doesn’t matter what is return date, We give you discount up to 500 for booking a return taxi. In order to avail this discount you need to pay RS 500 in advance for return journey, If you don’t pay this. Deal be considered as null and void.

INDIGO 1999/- 1799/-*2 400
Dzire 2199/- 1999/-*2 400/-
Etios 2199/- 1999/-*2 400/-
Innova 2999/- 2799/-*2 500/-
Traveller 4499/- CALL -

In order to avail the discount & book it click here

INDIGO 4499/- 1799/- 400
Dzire 4799/- 4499/-*2 600/-
Etios 4799/- 4499/-*2 600/-
Innova 5499/- 4999/-*2 1000/-
Traveller CALL - -

In order to avail the discount & book it click here

Car Type Single Combo You save in combo
Indigo 2500/- 4400/- 600/-
Dzire 2700/- 4600/- 800/-
Etios 2800/- 4800/- 800/-
Innova 3500/- 6400/- 6500/-
Traveller 9500/- NA NA

In order to avail the discount & book it click here

For other destinations Call Us



Get advance booking discount upto Rs 5000/- and more.

Get Advance Booking discount up to RS 5000 or more.

Further discount is also available on booking date and full amounts It could be Up to 5000 and More.

IF paid full amount in one go you could save up to 5000 Or more
If paid half payment in one go you could save up to you save 2000
IF you just want to pay token You need to pay nominal amount)

Must Read Points :-

1) Above discounts are applicable for Shimla Manali, Dharamshala, Dalhousie, Amritsar Leh Tours.
2) More the number of days are Better the discount is
3) Earlier the booking is done more the discounts are offered.


Repeated Customer -

If you are repeated buyer and use car frequently for Marketing, Personal Travelling, or other official use. We’ll provide You Cars on lesser rates.


For more Details Call us 9501621830


If you are Taxi operator from other state, City or country and looking for vender in our city, contact us for deals on the same.
We provide you Great discounts! For Agents if you take Taxi from us on repeated basis. Such a discount which you will never find for more details call us from Top phone number.


#Offer Tata zest #DehradunToChandigarh after 2 p.m. only 1999/- #OneWayDrop

#Offer Tata zest #DehradunToChandigarh after 2 p.m. only 1999/- #OneWayDrop

Innova Rs 2999 Delhi to Chandiarh (16th March 2019)

Innova Rs 2999 Delhi to Chandigarh, Offer is valid only for today (16th March 2019)