Self Drive Cars

Self Drive Cars

Self-drive cars are better than Taxi. As if you hire a taxi you get those cars which have yellow bands on the side and all that yellow stickers etc. Self Drive Cars So if you are looking for a car privacy point of view, you love Driving, Going on a date with Girl-friend, Want to impress someone with a big car. Self Drive Cars are the best option for you. We have Self-Drive Cars available In self-drive you get cars like your home cars. You can go wherever you want to go. So in self-diver cars, you have privacy and you dive them the way you want to. If you need just Drop Service from one location to another location click on the link.

Cars Offered for Self-Drive

1) Dzire
2) Etios
3) Innova
4) Fortuner

Cars provided for Self Drive are just like other cars. What that means is we provide you with a car now drive it your own way. Drive as much as you want.  Go wherever you want to go. Rest all the expense is from user side like fuel charges, Toll parking etc.


If you didn’t find a Self Drive car, You can also check our other car. CARS WITH DRIVERS.


Must have

1) It’s mandated to have valid driving license
2) You need to have an address proof.
3) Security is required for Self Drive cars.
4) Photo of borrower


For pricing information or to know more about us contact us 9501621830

Not sure what car would best suit your needs? Look no further. Our handy fleet guides aim to ensure you have all the necessary information to choose the perfect car for your trip. Whether you need a small car, or for a more spacious vehicle for a family, we help you make that choice!

How to Select a Car for yourself from Chandigarh taxi service!

Car Type Seating Boot space Career AC Heater Music System Description
Vista 4+1 Limited No Yes Yes Yes Small Hatchback like a home car, limited boot space, best for Lowest budget, it has super cabin space
Indigo 4+1 Compact no yes Yes Yes The best car for low budget, Its sedan with good boot space equivalent to new dzire, xcent, amaze, sail
Dzire 4+1 Better no yes Yes Yes 2 categories, Compact sedan and sedan, Sedan has better space equivalent to Etios
Etios 4+1 Better no yes Yes Yes Etios, Sedan with better boot space and better comfort, Better suspension
Innova 6&7+1 Better Yes yes Yes Yes Muv, Number 1 for 6&7 passengers, Better boot and carrier available.
Traveller 12&15+1 Better Yes yes Yes Yes 12 and 15 carrier capacity with a roof rack, push back seats from Force company.